Bed bug treatment for a comfortable nights sleep - Derbyshire and South Yorkshire pest control.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Treatment Chesterfield. Bed bugs are commonly associated with lack of cleanliness but in fact are found in the most pristine of homes. Bed bugs can thrive anywhere and as people travel around, these bedbugs can hop onto anything to hitch a ride. They can remain happily undetected on clothes and bags while you […]

Wasp nest Chesterfield - wasp nest treatment. Derbyshire and South Yorkshire Pest Control.

Wasp Nest Removal Chesterfield

Protecta Pest Control Chesterfield. Taking Care of Your Wasp Nest Removal Chesterfield Needs. We know that wasps are a nuisance but you can’t deny that the nests that they create are an incredible feat of nature. The wasps chew wood pulp and combine it with their saliva to make a nest with papery walls. It’s […]

Ant nest removal

Ant Removal Chesterfield

Ant removal. We’ve reached that time of year when ant infestations abound. If you’re having trouble with ants in the house, the Protecta Pest Control Experts are here to help. Read on for tips on what you can do for yourself. Alternatively, use our contact form or give us a call on 07456 398095, and […]

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Professional Pest Control Services – When to Call in the Pros

We all want to lead a quiet life! Unfortunately, there are sometimes going to be a few critters and pests who want to infringe on that – which is why it might sometimes be worth calling in pest control services to lend a helping hand. Certainly, we’d never recommend you try taking care of wild […]