Professional Pest Control Services – When to Call in the Pros

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We all want to lead a quiet life! Unfortunately, there are sometimes going to be a few critters and pests who want to infringe on that – which is why it might sometimes be worth calling in pest control services to lend a helping hand. Certainly, we’d never recommend you try taking care of wild animals and pests on your own!

Here at DSY Pest Control Services, we offer a fully qualified, swift pest removal standard. We are as humane as possible, and will make sure that not only are you free from the annoying pests and nuisances who are causing you major issues at home and in the garden, we will ensure that they have no way back to start causing the same issues all over again!

That’s why it’s always good to know when to call in the pros! General rule of thumb is that if you start seeing damage to your garden or even inside your home without any clear explanation, it might well be time to ask for expert advice. Rather than take anything on yourself, however, always make sure you have the number of a professional pest handler and controller to hand so that you are always taking the safest course of action.

Here’s a quick look at the main services available from DSY – no matter where you are in the local area:


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Mole Control

Why catch moles?

Attitudes towards pest species change frequently and a growing proportion of the population have a no kill policy toward any animal, for some this is absolute and unquestionable. Whilst everyone has the right to their own opinions, some people just cannot live with a small nuisance trashing their lawn which has cost a lot of money to maintain, who can blame them?

With an average of 200 meters of tunnel per mole, digging is an activity that a mole must undertake to survive. The damage a single mole can do has to be seen to be believed.
Whilst some seem to think that the humble mole is a cute cuddly creature that causes no harm, in reality they are a predatory creature that will defend its territory to the death and are also cannibalistic. In a domestic situation, the mole is just a nuisance which causes aesthetic damage, although costly.

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Rat Control

Rats are, unfortunately, pretty prolific. Rat control is a must the moment you notice anything akin to interior damage or droppings. While these critters are seriously intelligent and often get a bad rap, they can be very destructive, and they are known to carry all kinds of nasty diseases with them. Plus, they travel in massive groups. Let one in, and you might well be welcoming the whole family.

Our rat control service will make sure to remove rats from your garden or property as soon as possible. If you notice any kind of rodent damage, don’t go about trying to attack or poison the critter yourself – it’ll be a painstaking task without the right tools, and what’s more, it’s not especially safe.

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Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are real blighters at the best of times, and while they’re great for the local ecosystem, they will make their nests pretty much anywhere. What’s more, they are incredibly defensive, meaning that even if you so much as walk or brush past one, it may well take it personally! Wasp stings are nasty, and if you’re starting to see plenty of them accrue in your guttering or just outside your home, it’s time to show them the door.

We offer wasp nest removal which will safely rid your property of these savage stingers. It’s NEVER a good idea to try and handle wasps on your own. If you know how annoying one wasp sting can be, imagine ten or twenty of them – it’s not worth risking without the help of pest control services.

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Mice and Rodent Control

As with rats, mice can be clever, but destructive. Yes, they are cute in a way, but once they start nibbling at your doors and skirting boards, and even shorting your electrical wiring, it’s time they packed up and left.

Our mice and rodent control service will make sure that you are free from these minibeasts sooner rather than later. They can not only cause property damage, but again, could cause you all kinds of other nasty problems. It’s time to get them out.

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Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are nasty little critters which can really propagate fast – and as the old joke goes, there’s nothing that can kill a cockroach. Our cockroach control service will make sure to remove these pesky bugs from your kitchen and other areas of your home – so that you don’t have to share your lino with a bunch of scuttling pests!

DSY Pest Control Derbyshire South Yorkshire Flea Control Fleas Services Top Content Image JPG 001Flea Control

If you own cats and/or dogs, you’ll already know how important flea control is, both for you and your pets. While you may already have flea collars and treatment in place, if things start getting out of hand, you’re probably going to start worrying about feeling itchy or needing full fumigation!

There’s still hope at hand. Fleas are easy to get rid of with the right tools and approaches, and we will offer you flea control standards that get your home looking great again in no time – just make sure your pets are fully protected against the little biters heading forward!

Call the Team!

If you’re worrying about a rising number of pests in your home, it’s time to show unwanted guests the door. Instead of trying to take matters into your own hands, however, it’s safer and much less hassle to get in touch with local pest control services.

Call DSY now on 07456 398095 – and get shut of those potentially hazardous beasts sooner rather than later – without causing yourself or your family any harm!