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DSY Pest Control offer a range of mice control services throughout Derbyshire and South Yorkshire to help you get rid of pesky pests.

These pets include moles, rats, mice, wasps, bees, ants and much more. We offer rapid services with guaranteed results.

Ensuring that 99% of the time we can clear your problem on the first visit. If your problem persists then we will return to fully resolve the issue without any further cost. It is our sole intention of removing your pest problem as quickly but humanely as possible. There are times the having pests really is a problem. For example, having wasps or bees around children is far from ideal. We visit places like schools very often through the summer to remove wasps’ nests. Providing a fast responsive and reliable service is crucial, especially on occasions such as this.

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Much like rats and other rodents, mice can cause huge disruption to your home – chewing their way through anything they find, leaving droppings, contaminating food, and even causing damage to your insulation, piping, doors and floorboards.

For commercial properties, particularly those dealing with food products such as restaurants and shops, the infestation of mice could lead to fines and legal action should it cause you to be breaking legislation.

At Protecta Pest Control we offer effective mice and rodent control for both domestic and commercial properties. Our use of traditional trapping methods means we can help you take control of your mice or rodent infestation quickly, efficiently, and humanely for the animals.

Types of Mice in Your Home

If you are experiencing a mice infestation and want to know what you are dealing with before contacting the professionals, you should be able to use the below guide to determine the type of mice in your home. If you are still unsure, not to worry! Call us on 07456398095 for more information and advice, or to book our mice and rodent control services.

House Mouse

House mice are found all over the UK in both urban and rural areas. They are often mistaken for rats, but they have smaller ears, tail and body which allows them to squeeze through holes and cavities that rats would be unable to. They range in colour from grey to brown, and are capable of climbing so may not be restricted to the floor.

Field Mouse

Field mice are found in rural areas and are fairly similar in appearance to house mice. However, their ears and eyes are even more prominent in comparison to their size, which is one of the ways technicians can identify them.

Why Use Mice and Rodent Control Services?

Mice enter homes because they find them to be warm, safe and a good source of food. While you can do a great deal to minimise potential routes into your home, the smallest holes and openings can provide access. With this in mind, one of the first things we do is identify entry points and seal them using mesh, wire-wool and other fillers to prevent further infestation, before taking care of the mice within your home using traditional trapping methods.

To find out more about our mice control services or to get booked in with us today, give us a call on 07456398095 for friendly and professional advice.

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