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Wasp Nest Removal

Wasp Nest in Dronfield. DSY Wasp Nest Removal Services.
Wasp Nest in Dronfield. DSY Wasp Nest Removal Services.

Wasp Nest Removal.

DSY Pest Control – Taking Care of Your Wasp Nest Removal Needs.

The vast majority of us will agree that the sunnier skies and warmer weather that Summer brings, is very welcome after months of dark, cold nights. However, what this change brings along with it is the fact that wasp season is upon us. Summertime – wasp time as it’s known by many – is that period of the year when we all have to be careful when we hear that tell-tale drone, especially when talking about those who get an allergic reaction from wasp stings.

Typically speaking, wasps tend to create their nests – which they build using wood pulp – in trees, hedges and soil banks, but when they’re present in urban areas, you can often find a wasp nest in eaves of roof structures, wall cavities, air bricks and outdoor sheds. If you do, it’s important not to tamper with it, as only professionals possess the knowledge of how to get rid of wasps safely.

The Difference Between Wasps and Bees.

Knowing whether you need professional wasp nest removal services will require that you know the difference between wasps and bees. Of course, when talking about bumble bees, it’s pretty obvious as they’re a completely different shape and they’re very slow and well…bumbling – hence the name. However, there are species of bees that are very similar to wasps to the untrained eye.

Whilst certain bees are a similar shape to wasps, it’s the black and yellow abdomen colour markings that are more distinctive on a wasp. Whereas with a bee, they tend to have a similar, yet more non-descript yellowish brown colouring on their abdominal section. Bees are most often much less aggressive too, perhaps because they can only sting you once before they die.

How Not to Carry Out Wasp Nest Removal.

During our many years in the wasp nest removal business, we have seen all kinds of things that our customers have tried before calling us and we can tell that there are some things you absolutely shouldn’t do. Believe it or not, some people try and set fire to outdoor nests, which will work, as wasp nest material – chewed up wood pulp – can be extremely flammable, however, it can make it hard to control the burning.

Whilst you will likely destroy the nest in this way, it does take a few minutes, meanwhile, the air will be thick with angry wasps looking for something or someone to attack. The same goes when trying to soak the nest with water, which may suffocate some of the wasps, but then you’ve got the same issue with wasps trying to defend themselves.

In truth, the only truly safe way is to call in the professionals.

DSY – The Trusted Name For Pest Control in Chesterfield.

So, if you discover an active wasp nest in your roof space or anywhere else on your property, DSY Pest Control has the expertise, experience and knowledge to take care of the problem with the minimum of fuss. As a Local Trusted Trader and a company with many Google 5 Star Reviews, we are the go-to choice for customers in Chesterfield and the surrounding areas to include Matlock, Darley Dale, Eckington, Clay Clay Cross, Beighton and Crystal Peaks.

You can find out more about us and what we do by visiting our pest control page where you’ll see that we offer wasp nest removal work fully guaranteed for the low price of just £54.00. Pest Control Price list. Alternatively, to book an appointment or for advice on your pest control requirements, give us a call today on 07456398095.