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DSY Pest Control offer a range of rat control services throughout Derbyshire and South Yorkshire to help you get rid of pesky pests.

These pets include moles, rats, mice, wasps, bees, ants and much more. We offer rapid services with guaranteed results.

Ensuring that 99% of the time we can clear your problem on the first visit. If your problem persists then we will return to fully resolve the issue without any further cost. It is our sole intention of removing your pest problem as quickly but humanely as possible. There are times the having pests really is a problem. For example, having wasps or bees around children is far from ideal. We visit places like schools very often through the summer to remove wasps’ nests. Providing a fast responsive and reliable service is crucial, especially on occasions such as this.

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Having a rat problem can cause huge stress and disruption to your life, no matter whether it’s within your home or business. Not to mention they are not the easiest animal to catch, so not using rat control services and instead taking on the task yourself can be stressful and ultimately ineffective.

Here at Protecta Pest Control, we have the knowledge and experience to eliminate rat infestations in both domestic and commercial settings. We have the right tools and methods to ensure that we go about the removal in the most humane way possible, usually using traditional trapping methods but also incorporating modern tried and tested techniques where necessary. 

How Do You Know If You Have Rats?

There are many indications you can look out for to find out whether you have a rat problem, including:

Rat droppings – Rat droppings are dark brown and roughly the size of a grain of rice. They are commonly found in concentrated places, making them easy to spot.

Bite marks – Rats’ teeth don’t stop growing, hence why they gnaw on objects to file them down. Look out for bite marks on anything from wood to concrete.

Movement – Rats are nocturnal animals and if they are in parts of your house, such as the walls or under the floorboards, you may hear them moving around at night.

Footprints – If you suspect you have rats, you can test by sprinkling some flour and checking the next day for footprints.

Why Use Rat Control Services?

If you see or suspect you have a rat in your home, the chances are they are not alone – and they will likely breed if not dealt with quickly, causing you an even bigger problem. Not only do rats leave dropping in your home and get in your cupboards and even in your food, they are also very unhygienic and can spread disease.

For commercial properties, this could cause more than a slight concern for the wellbeing of yourself, your staff and your customers. Having rats in your business premises could damage your reputation and even lead to legal action if the infestation means you fail to comply with legislation (such as restaurants and shops selling food products).

As soon as you notice signs that rats are in your property, bring in the professionals to deal with the problem effectively the first time round. Call us today on 07456398095 to find out more about our rat control services.

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